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AFPS/GEPS   Association Française du pony Shetland/grouping of breeders of Shetland ponies


National Association of the shetland breed
Since inception in 1966 by Madame AUGER, GEPS (Group of breeders of ponies Shetland) continued to work for the promotion of the shetland pony in exact fidelity with the standard enacted by Great Britain, his homeland.
Consisting mainly of small farms lovers, the GEPS, then its extension the AFD (Association Française du pony Shetland) which brings together professional breeders and users, is the only breed association approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Now, the Decree of May 29, 2006 States that: only animals registered to a stud are referred to this breed. Only equipped with a pedigree of the breed Shetland ponies are entitled to the appellation Shetland, which is not just a description of size but the result of a careful selection of the model, character and skills for ages.


ANPFS Association Nationale du pony French de Selle

roy de bennes

Founded in 1969, it manages the genealogical book of the race, licensed breeders and organizes every year in the month of August a major event: Sologn'Pony.
The association is present on several lounges (Lyon, the Paris Agriculture show, Village Generali Open de France...).
Feel free to visit us or contact us at the permanence for more information!
Parc Equestre Federal - building the colony
Phone: 02 54 83 72 00 - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 h 30 to 15 h 30 non-stop
Fax: 02 54 95 96 18 -.


ONP               Organization Normandy ponies


Organization Normandy pony
Secretariat ONP: 06 81 82 44 55
A passionate breeders ' association!
It organises
Salon Normand of the pony stallions.
Training competitions,
Cycles classic events,
Contests for breeding multi breed Mares, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years mounted the horse poles of Saint - Lô (50), pine at Haras (61) and Bacqueville en Caux (76) packing commitment 2009
The Championship of Normandy mounted aged 3 and the broodmares with attendant young (Regional award-winning),
Sales of ponies.                                                                                                                                     O N P

Breeding of Cabue

Each year, 45 foals, on average, are emerging on the breeding of Cabue lands. Breeding is to produce quality Site Cabue breeding Shetland ponies

Reinhill Ranch

Alison, Bob and Cecilia, welcome to Reinhill Ranch.

Our passion and especially how we live is western riding. We provide a customized answer to your expectations with our horses. Stay positive!
Site Reinhill Ranch

Breeding Schueracher

J                                                                                                                                              Site élevage Schueracher

Shetland do bragalou

There was once a farm of ponies in Drôme Provencale.elevage de Catherine Lavirotte Site shetland do bragalou