Opalis du Thil Riberpré

opalisdu thil riberpré

A standard gold, both by the color of her dress as her character! Since its inception in the reproduction, he is the father of several standards and several female titrated in breeding as well as in competitions.Its size at the withers: 97 cm
Its production is nearly 40 foals, which the very pretty Ulty de Bennes Vice Champion supreme 2013


Ricci de Cabue

ricci de cabue

Born in 2005, Marshwood and Transy lines derived, Ricci emits a lot of force and energy in his movements. Very respectful and listening, apart from periods of projection, deals to give education to the restless foals.


 Etna de Cottard

etna de cottard

Our Grandpa was born in 1989.Il is now responsible for youth when they are weaned.He needs tranquility and supports more competition from other standards.Genetics of champion with his father Kenneth v Bunswaard, genetics Marschwood and Transy.Sa MOM Adele vd from Kuper also from blood Marschwood but also Wells more...