vahine de la roseliere

vahine de la roseliere

When Mare was able to engage more than 25 years of our life in the Shetland farming?
And well this is Lucy of la Roselière born in 1984 by Timogen of Hutton and Saskia of Gerbeshiemine.
Here at the Salon du Cheval in Paris in 1993

Geographically we were close to the breeding of the Gerbeshiemine at locks in Gâtinais, and it is natural that sent us to the Paul Picard family. The quality of our acquisition in 1985 is the passion that still lives in us.

 Ahiti de Bennes

ahiti de bennes

With the color of her dress, it is hard to imagine that Ahiti could have been a product of Gerbeshiemine.Indeed to the breeding of the Gerbeshiemine the dress that predominated was grey.By his mother Vahine of the Reed bed and his father Okapi de grabs her genetics is concentrated around Thimogen of Hutton.This gave a Mare kneaded energy like her mother and endearing, affectionate, close to human size to 96 cm Withers
This mare will certainly have a future in farming and be good rankings in models and gaits

 Vellorna de bennes

vellorna de bennes

Vellorna is a girl and Orne La of Cabue Kerswell Sundown worthy of his mother both by the model by the character, she accompanies each visitor throughout the tour of the pre to remember his good memory. The only exit in the breeding in 2013 this Mare confirmed its quality finishing intermediate champion in the contest of Brécey 2013 Sa size at the withers 90 cm more...

Toona de bennes

toona de bennes

Courtesy of all the moments.A Mare built in brood Mare with the origin of the Gerbeshiemine combined with Opalis of the dumpsters Booni Riberpre.mere Thil which will be presented to the classification next spring.Its size at the withers: 98 cm


Lady de l ' Angeoliere

lady de l angeoliere

Acquired 2 years with the breeding of Cabue, the day of the regional competition models and allures of the Haras du Pin or she finished 1st in this contest. At the competition level, she had mounted only 3 years.It was also mounted in hiking during a season. . It is a voluntary, independent, energetic. It produces harmonious models regardless of paternal genetics.
Some clues: dumpsters 111 (2013) Roy Udy of dumpsters 116 (2013) Tolstoy skips 128 (2011).But Tolstoy is dead since and Very of dumpsters 120 (2013)

2012 sees the birth of Chexter tippers, produces male Lady and Dexter Leam Pondimore

Royalty Schueracher

royalty schueracher

PFS listed in original title
This saddle Mare was acquired from Schueracher livestock located in Vaucoulmin 03 AUROUËR.
Genetically, it is derived of a Connemara Cheviot Midas standard and a saddle French Geralde Vaucoulmin Mare, from pure blood
We wanted to acquire a Mare for reproduction, which combines blood ponies and horses, keeping morphological characteristics and the mind of the pony with looks like a horse. Royalty was started late, but without any problem in American riding.
After British in 2011, 2012, a product of Dyffrinaled gary trifan, standard Welsh was born;Cashmere from dumpsters which is available for salemore

Au revoir

vahine de la roseliere

You give him 30 years? This photo was taken a few days ago.
Indeed la roselière Wahine was born July 13, 1984. Well born, since his father is none other than Timogen of Hutton and her mother Saskia to the Gerbeshiemine.